Hi, I’m Courtney!

I have been fascinated by the mind and body connection ever since my time as a competitive athlete. Though I understood the importance of nutrition and training, I came to realise it was the conditioning of my mind that ultimately determined the quality of my performance.

This awareness stayed with me even after my time in the sporting world where I had to navigate and work through my own personal challenges. It was through my own struggles and past experiences working with people, that I gained a deeper understanding of myself, life and what it takes to consistently live and feel balanced.



My mission is to promote exceptional wellness by supporting one of the most powerful, primitive and innate ‘systems’ that has ever existed – the nervous system. I offer physical and emotional relief, the opportunity for people to connect, heal, dream and seek a deeper understanding of themselves and the world around them. I encourage people to take control, embrace and be the narrator of their own story, discovering a new perspective and experience of what it means to be alive. I invite everyone who needs hope, possibility, and an alternative solution for positive change – ultimately influencing, inspiring, and changing the lives of those closest to them and future generations to come.

My Focus

In a session, I look at your current:

  • Behaviours (e.g., perfectionism, over-achieving, people-pleasing, defensiveness, control)
  • Bad habits (e.g., eating poorly, lethargy and inactivity, inadequate sleep)
  • Negative mindset (e.g., limiting beliefs, inner critic & negative self-talk)
  • Suppressed emotion (e.g., anger, guilt, shame, fear)
  • How all of the above contribute and affect the body’s Physiology (e.g., pain, discomfort, hormonal imbalances, illness).

If there is a specific area of concern for you or your Teen, I would love the opportunity to help and support you through your health journey.





Our Teens are struggling, and they need our help!

Mental health isn’t only about taking care of the mind. It’s about focusing on the whole being – the mind, body and spirit – to ensure you get the most out of life. Just like us, our children deserve the very best.

Our world is changing before our eyes, for the good and for the bad. Without the right tools to navigate this modern world, our wellbeing is impacted. This is especially true in our younger generation who are trying to not only understand themselves, but also this new world around them. Our current approach to supporting our teens is slowly falling behind. It is crucial we step in and offer strategies to help them live confidently, now and for years to come. If done right, the results of which can be generational.

I am here to offer an alternative solution, without the need to diagnose. Our teens deserve a safe space to connect back with themselves, heal and find their inner voice within a noisy, challenging world.


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