Hi, I’m Courtney!

Being a competitive athlete most of my life, I have always been fascinated by the mind and body. Not only did I need to recognise the importance of nutrition and training but to understand just how crucial conditioning of the mind was to perform at my optimum.

This awareness stayed with me even after my time in the sporting world. My aspiration every day, whether it was through traveling, working or even just through a general chat, was to get a deeper understanding of what makes us who we are and what keeps us well.

My Why

Being such a deep and curious person, I always needed to know:


​Why people act the way they do, why people get in their own way, why people get sick or why people can’t get better and even still, continue to ask WHY?

​Kinesiology has not only helped with my “Why” but also my “How”. How could somebody overcome their battles and live a life that they truly wanted?

Kinesiology has had such a profound and positive impact for my own health journey which I truly hope Kinesiology can offer the same for you.

My Focus

Being a Kinesiologist, I discover there is no limit to what this therapy can help with.

Assisting anyone of any age, gender and culture, it focuses on you and what YOU want.


In a session, I look at your current:

  • Behaviours (e.g., perfectionism, over-achieving, people-pleasing, defensiveness, control)
  • Bad habits (e.g., eating poorly, lethargy and inactivity, inadequate sleep)
  • Negative mindset (e.g., limiting beliefs, inner critic & negative self-talk)
  • Suppressed emotion (e.g., anger, guilt, shame, fear)
  • How all of the above contribute and affect the body’s Physiology (e.g., pain, discomfort, hormonal imbalances, illness).

If there is a specific area of concern for you, I would love the opportunity to help and support you through your health journey.

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