Are you afraid to get well? – 3 reasons why you may be resisting your own healing.

Healing takes work.

It takes courage, the willingness and the determination to look within and acknowledge the deepest parts of us. Though it can be uncomfortable and sometimes painful, it is more painful and can cause much greater suffering than to not do anything at all.

It is important to know when you are doing the work, there may be resistance to your healing.

Resistance can be one of 3 things:

  1. You want to get better and be free of your suffering, but you don’t believe you deserve good health, wealth or happiness. Illness can be a form of self-punishment.
  2. There is some part of you physically, emotionally or mentally that is reluctant to give up this suffering. There may be a benefit to your suffering. Perhaps you get more attention. You are heard and listened to more.

    It may be that your issues are giving you something to talk about or it allows you to connect with people. An elderly person may not want to give up their illness because their family won’t visit as much or take care of them.

    Children may not want to get better for school because school is where they are getting bullied and don’t feel safe. The list is endless.
  3. You don’t know who you are ‘healed’.  Even our illness’s, suffering, bad habits or insecurities can shape our personality.

    By letting go or losing these parts of us, we can sometimes feel a sense of loss or lack of identity which can allow us to feel worse rather than better. You may also have never experienced good health.

    Since you can remember or from an early age, you have been unwell or suffered from the same health issues so the thought of living a healthy and comfortable life isn’t going to be recognizable making your transformation more difficult.

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When you do the work, it is not enough to focus on the issues at hand as that only activates the same neurology and reaffirms your current state of being. Creating the INTENTION of who you want to be and how you want to live makes the transformational process a whole lot easier.

I have seen it first hand through my work. Those clients who have goals, visions, and an idea of what they want to do once they are free from what is holding them back progress a lot quicker. Those who feel lost, go through the motions, don’t know who they are or where they want to go move at a slower pace or sometimes stay stagnant.

When you start thinking different thoughts, feel different emotions and imagine a different life for yourself, you start to become the magnet for the future which you desire. If you aren’t sure on who you want to be or how you want to be living without your suffering, then there is nothing pulling you forward through your resistance keeping you where you are.

Ask yourself now……

Who are you without your health issues?

What is on the other side of transformation? Do you know exactly what good health looks like and feels like for you or are you defaulting back to your own past thoughts, feelings and behaviours causing you to stay where you are? 

Let’s start here….

Grab a pen and a journal or piece of paper and start contemplating the follow questions:

  1. What are your current health concerns?
  2. Are your health concerns serving you or are they giving you any benefit?
  3. How do you feel right now having these issues?
  4. How do you want to feel without these issues?
  5. What would YOU do in your life right now if you felt like this? (not what you “should” do or what your parents, friends, teachers, or society thinks you should do).
  6. Ultimately, what’s your biggest desire in life? Who do you want to be in this world and what do you want out of this life? Remember you are not your past or what has happened to you. You are not defined by your success, your illness, your role, or responsibilities. You can be whoever you want to be.


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