How to get yourself out of an emotional state.

Are you thinking too much? fixated on your thoughts? overwhelmed or emotionally reacting to your thoughts?

It can be difficult getting outside out of your head especially when you are feeling overwhelmed, worried or anxious. When you try and change your mind with your mind, it almost feels like you are running yourself into a wall. So – when your mind is not where you want it to be, we actually need to get your body to intervene.

Ever wonder why it’s difficult to just think positive or be happy when you don’t feel like it?

When you are experiencing feelings of sadness, anger, frustration, worry, doubt, anxiety or fear – your logical mind will look for evidence from your emotional mind to reaffirm your state. This is why when you are feeling a certain way, you will think/bring up times from the past because you seek evidence to support the way you currently feel.

If you keep this up long enough, you become emotionally addicted to your thoughts. Your thoughts then become your beliefs and these beliefs become your “truth”. Not only can your own thoughts cause suffering but are also changing your body’s physiology in the process.

….It’s when this happens, we need to focus on the BODY more so than the mind to encourage new states of being. By this I mean focusing on the body to shift and release any unwanted energy (emotion) in the body that is reaffirming your mental state. When we work with the body and bring it back into its NATURAL state of balance, we then start to feel at ease which then encourages the mind to relax as a result.

When your mind is calm, you can think clearly, you can create, and you can initiate new thought processes – positive ones.

That’s where Kinesiology has its advantage! This holistic health modality allows us to focus on BOTH – your BODY and MIND. By harmonising the two, you now have the chance THINK, FEEL and ACT the way you want.

Don’t have a kinesiologist handy?

The follow tools I have found personally to be most beneficial for a temporary solution –

1. Breathing Techniques.

There are plenty of different styles out there however personally I prefer the Wim Hof breathing exercise. See it here –

2. Cold Baths or Showers.

3. High Intensity Exercise.

Cardio or Interval training works best. Any sort of movement that really gets your heart rate up and shifts stagnant energy.


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