Kinesiology For Teens

Growing up can be tough, especially for teens.

There is a lot of pressure to fit in and feel accepted, achieve and live up to the expectations of others whilst dealing with the stresses and challenges of life.

Not only are they trying to live up to what is expected of them, but they are finding their own identity throughout the process.

This can be difficult as their hormones have kicked in and they are experiencing a whole lot of changes.

Change can be healthy, but too much of it can cause us to feel anxious and fearful. There is no denying life will always have its challenges.

If we can help teens navigate their path by encouraging them to understand their feelings, emotions and their needs, they can then work through one of their biggest transitions in their life with more control, confidence and faith.

What is your teen experiencing?

Are they suffering from anxiety? Do they recognise the symptoms of anxiety?

Common symptoms of Anxiety Include:

Insomnia, nausea or hypervigilance.
Excessive worrying or in fear, obsessive thinking or catastrophizing.
Avoidance and lack of engagement.
Physical symptoms such as panic attacks, hot and cold flushes, heart palpitations, tight chest, heavy breathing or restlessness.
  1. Are they worried about not being smart enough, confident enough, good enough?
  2. Are they afraid to try new things or get outside their comfort zone?
  3. Are they struggling to navigate their way through life whilst having to juggle school, work, sport, family, friends?
  4. Are they finding it difficult to process and accommodate change?
  5. Are they struggling at school? Are they feeling left out socially? Do they feel unsupported by their teachers? Excluded from their peers or feel behind in their work/studies?
  6. Are they acting out or shutting down?
  7. Are they finding it difficult to understand and process their emotions to communicate effectively?
  8. Are they lost trying to find their sense of identity?

The general EXPECTED challenges for teens during school;


Schoolwork – Assignments and Exams.

Part time work.
Learning to drive.
Body changes – Puberty and Hormones.
Socialising and Social media.

Other challenges teens and young adolescents may experience (out of their control);

Family separation/divorce.
Moving house/locations.
Trauma or abuse.
Health conditions or illness.

These factors as well as the expected life challenges can have a significant impact on your teen’s mental and sometimes physical well-being, so it is important we check in and see where they may need the extra support.

Taking the leap – Transitioning from Student to Adult.

The transition to adulthood can be one of the most challenging times as there is so much change and uncertainty a teen may experience.

It can be overwhelming if they don’t know what path to take after school or have too many opinions from others, making them feel pressured and not in control.

They may struggle to find their new sense of identity outside of school where at school they were known as a ‘student’, expected to conform, told what to do and told how to act.

Now, leaving school, they are required to think for themselves, take initiative and ‘act’ as an ‘adult’ which can feel unfamiliar, confusing and daunting.

They may also feel pressured to live up to society’s expectations, struggle to make their own decisions and navigate their own path whilst trying to find a sense of stability, sense of direction and sense of belonging.

The same can be said for someone making the transition from University to full time work, choosing to live independently or retiring from a competitive sport or hobby.

How can Kinesiology can help your teen?

In a session, we focus on their

1. Thoughts, feelings, behaviours, values and how they have an impact on their emotional and mental wellbeing.

2. Physical and nutritional health and how stress and anxiety may be altering their body’s physiology.

Anxiety is an emotion, a type of energy felt in the body, so it is important that we not only place emphasis on the mind but release any negative or unwanted energy from the body to help your teen THINK, FEEL and ACT differently.

Why it will be beneficial for them to see a Kinesiologist…

Kinesiology creates a type of awareness that not only allows your teen to understand their symptoms but allows them to get a deeper understanding of who they are as a person. With the intent to remove and manage the stress and anxiety, the goal is to balance their body around how they WANT to feel, think and act.

They may want to feel calm before and during an exam, have a sense of control through a major change, find more joy at school or to be more confident in a job interview.

Encouraging your teen to see a Kinesiologist at a young age can set them up for a future of good health and wellness. Stress is the number 1 cause for illness and dis-ease in the Western world so if they can have a bit more of an understanding of who they are and how to respond to the stresses of life earlier, the more opportunity there is for them to feel and live at ease in the future.

How can I help?

Anxiety and stress are something I have personally suffered throughout most of my adolescent life. Leaving high school, it all became very clear that all the internal and external changes I had experienced were affecting my health and well-being.

I needed extra support and felt very alone. My sense of identity as I knew it was lost which led me down a miserable path. (Read more about my story here).

​We cannot change or control what hardships your teen will face in their life, however I believe I can help guide and empower them to choose how to respond to these challenges… just like the way I learnt how to respond to my own.

I believe my relatability, using my own lived experience, can encourage and give them permission to open up and be vulnerable knowing they feel supported and understood.

Not sure if I can help your Teen?


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