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Standard/Initial Session

Kinesiology Consult

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Follow Up Session

Kinesiology Consult

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Optional Extras

Kinesiology Consult

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The Optimal Pack

Kinesiology Package

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The Ultimate Pack

Kinesiology Package

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Standard Kinesiology Balance

(New Clients Only)



Includes 1 x 75 min initial balance

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The standard initial Kinesiology balance is a perfect start to seek answers! This is where we find out exactly what is holding you back from achieving your goals, to then start applying the right management strategies encouraging your body to heal. You can expect to feel a shift and a sense of relief after just one session!

Follow Up

Standard Kinesiology Balance

(Existing Clients Only – If you’ve seen Courtney before)



Includes 1 x 60 min initial balance

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The follow up Kinesiology balance is required to track your progress, keep you focused and accountable, ensuring you are still moving towards your goals. This also gives us the opportunity to expand on your goals or address any other concerns you may have. You may also like to book in for a general check-in, refresh or overall wellbeing boost!

Optional Extras

Personalised Plan

A detailed summary of your Kinesiology balance including a personalised action plan.

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This personalised plan includes useful Kinesiology tools and techniques that will help you to stay on track. These tools will assist and support you through moments of panic, fear, emotional stress or potential body discomfort to allow you to be your own most dependable health practitioner anywhere at anytime.

Ongoing Support

Get Courtney’s full attention! Receive ongoing support, guidance and encouragement after your session.
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Whether it’s a quick text or 20-minute phone call – if you are struggling with accountability, experiencing any moments of fear, self-doubt, low motivation or indecisiveness – Courtney will be in your corner to help you get back on track.

Are you looking for:

Direction, Purpose & Self-Confidence

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Are you lacking confidence to go after what you want? Is there a fear of failure, feelings of not being good enough, feelings of not being worthy or do you just feel stuck?

This is the perfect opportunity to ask yourself by checking in with your own body to find out what it is that may be holding you back from living the life you truly desire.

Perhaps you already know what it is but your own mind, inner belief system, insecurities or fears are getting in the way….don’t worry – I will guide, support and ground you to trust the process by letting your body do all the work so you walk away after each session feeling motivated, determined and empowered moving forward.

Calm, Comfort & Balance

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The mind and body connection is a complex and unique one.

Pain is the body’s way of telling you something is wrong however it can be difficult knowing where the pain comes from. If you have “tried everything”, are sick of dealing with the same old aches and pains, poor digestion or that headache which you haven’t shaken for days, look no further because in our time together – we can find exactly what your body is trying to say and how to encourage it to perform the way it is supposed to.

It may be the anxiety that is also ruling your life, the sleepless nights or the constant living in survival mode that is stopping you from feeling good.

I can help you identify your triggers, calm down your central nervous system, relieve any discomfort and give you a sense of safety so you can find the solutions you need to move forward with ease.

Energy & Vitality

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Are you wanting more out of life but are struggling to find the energy or even the motivation? Do you have difficulty staying focused or struggle to keep up? Perhaps you have lost your zest for life and don’t really know where to turn to next?

Energy is an interesting one. We are completely made up of energy, so we have the ability to shift our own or create it. Our time together will involve looking at your physical, emotional and spiritual body to determine what is causing an energetic disturbance down to a cellular level.

It may be what you are eating or drinking isn’t reacting well with your body, a particular friend leaves you feeling drained or the job you hate might not be worth working the overtime.

Our framework may include creating changes in your environment, honouring yourself, setting boundaries whilst finding out what feels good and right for you. Along with your willingness and responsibility to do what is needed – you can be sure your energy, joy and zest for life comes back!

Package One

OPTIMAL – Kinesiology Wellness Pack



(10% discount)

Includes: 1 x 75 min initial, 2 x 60 min follow up balances and a personalised action plan!

These 3 transformational sessions with Courtney are focused on looking at ALL aspects of your health – identifying any mental, emotional and physical concerns which are preventing you from living a happy, comfortable and healthy life.

Just like any other health modality – your body needs TIME to integrate and heal so by booking this optimal package, it allows us to do the required amount of balancing, check in and fine tune your goals if needed.

(Need the extra and ongoing support? See Courtney’s kinesiology Ultimate package below).

What you may experience;


Feelings of lightness and ease.

Empowerment and Determination.
Increased body flexibility and mobility and comfortability.
Free from old emotional issues and patterns of behaviour.
Better management of emotions.
More resilience.
Clarity and Focus.
Calmness and a sense of control.

Increase vitality, energy and motivation.

A deeper understanding of who you are – your own biases, preferences, strengths and values to help you navigate your way through life.

Package Two

The ULTIMATE Kinesiology & Coaching Care Package

(3–6-month period)



(15% discount & payment options available)

Includes – 1x 75 min Initial Kinesiology Balance, a detailed summary and personalised action plan, 2 x 60 minute follow up Balances, 3 x 20-minute check-in calls and a 1 x 60 completion Balance.

Stepping up from the wellness pack, this ULTIMATE life-changing package offers you the opportunity to take the self-discovering journey to unlock your infinite potential. Suited to you and your personalised needs, this package provides you with a supportive and accountable framework to keep you focused, on track and determined to achieve your goals.

It includes a pre-analysis of your current challenges and concerns, whilst giving you the opportunity to express how you want to think, feel and act. Keep in mind that this may evolve and change throughout our time together. With the outcomes and expectations discussed, along with your willingness and determination to take responsibility for your own healing – you can achieve exactly what you set out for yourself.

Reach out to Courtney to see if this package is right for you!


What to expect during a kinesiology session?

Typically, on your first visit, a detailed history is taken to learn more about you, your goals and expectations for the session. This discussion is then followed by the practical “balancing” phase which involves the use of various techniques catered to your specific needs.

At the end of the session, there will be an opportunity to discuss the awareness and changes that occurred throughout the balance and a plan to continue to enhance your recovery.

Will it cure me?
Kinesiology does not ‘cure’ or diagnose the condition, it encourages the body’s natural ability to heal and restore balance.

For a successful recovery, it is important you are willing to also take responsibility for your own health and healing. This may mean seeking other health modalities to specifically support you and what your body needs.

Can Kinesiology still help if I am not stressed or in pain?

Kinesiology promotes vitality, energy, positivity and great health. It is a great preventative as it helps pick up imbalances (stress) before they can become present through symptoms.

Kinesiology also encourages you to focus on your mindset and growth. If you feel you have mental blocks, lack motivation or feel there is something stopping you from living your best life, Kinesiology can help clear the way by reprogramming your system allowing you to achieve what YOU want!.

Is it safe enough?
Kinesiology is a completely NATURAL therapy, the sole purpose is to balance ENERGY.

Using the body’s Innate Healing Intelligence, the body is empowered to heal itself without the use of pharmaceutical drugs or treatments.

If you have a serious illness or condition, I strongly recommend you see your doctor or other health practitioner whilst undergoing a Kinesiology balance to get the most out of your recovery. Please keep in mind, it is NOT a substitute for your doctor.

When will I start to see changes?
Everybody is different! Every issue is different! You can expect to see changes in your first session, or you may see changes after a few depending on how “deep” the issue is.

A client, for example, may see instant results after 1 session for neck pain, another client may take 3 sessions to feel better about their emotional/toxic relationship. Some imbalances need more time and that is okay.

Your body knows exactly what to do and how long it needs to take. All I can say is trust the process and trust your body.

How many sessions do we recommend?
Just like every other health modality, the body needs TIME to integrate and heal. Kinesiology is not a quick fix or a magic practice but offers a safe platform for you and your loved ones to make positive changes so you can thrive throughout your health journey. For a particular issue, 2-3 sessions over a 6-8 week time frame is recommended as it allows us to set up an action plan, do the required amount of balancing, check in and make sure you are keeping up with home reinforcement. It also gives us the opportunity to fine tune or expand your goals if needed. If you would like the extra and on-going support, you may also like to continue to see a Kinesiologist every month for a 6-month period.

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