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“Courtney is extremely professional and was very accommodating for my needs during the session.

– Jaimee

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I decided to have a session with Court due to me holding onto some deep seeded anger issues with my ex husband. I was having trouble letting go of the past and this was impacting my new relationship.

After the session I felt as though a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders. My anger had subsided and I was able to move feelings of anger to forgiveness. This also helped me see the amazing person I had in front of me and know I deserved the love from him.

I couldn’t recommend Courtney enough especially if you are going through something and need help unblocking issues. I am certainly looking forward to having another session with Courtney soon”.

“Knowing very little about Kinesiology I decided to take a leap of faith!

– Kelly

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Courtney’s calmness and professionalism combined with her gentle and caring approach helped me get back on track to feeling so much better. She opened my eyes up to how my daily stresses was impacting my own physical health and its gradual decline.

Through the sessions Courtney really listened and I felt supported. She explained everything so well about why my body and why it was reacting a certain way, it really helped me understand my body to a level I never thought I would. I truly am so grateful to have met Courtney and I would highly recommend her to anyone struggling to find answers”.

“What an amazing experience. I had the pleasure of having a session with Courtney last weekend.

– Wendy

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Knew nothing about Kinesiology, went in with an open mind. I felt energized and motivated to say the least at the end of our session.
Our body’s and mind’s are very powerful when realigned.

Thank you Courtney for your time and patience, what a beautiful soul you are. I would definitely recommend this experience to everyone”.

“Courtney is very professional and incredibly talented. My first session alleviated stress and anxiety imbalance…

– Emma

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within my body and I left feeling completely empowered and healed. Definitely recommend!”

“Hi Courtney, I am very grateful for your services. Together with your help, I am feeling like a better version of me.

– Dieter

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Thanks heaps Courtney”
“I absolutely love kinesiology. Courtney is very kind, caring and professional in her practice…

– Tracey

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and provides the open space for her clients. Courtney is passionate about kinesiology and helping others reach their full potential. I definitely have received positive shifts already since receiving sessions with Courtney. I highly recommend her, and the power of kinesiology is truly remarkable!”.
“After two sessions, I felt a shift in energy. I became focused and positive after loosing my son…

– Narelle

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and suffering complicated grief for over two years. I highly recommend Courtney and will be following on with regular sessions”.
“I highly recommend Courtney. One session was enough to balance my body and get rid off the panic and anxiety…

– Yulianna

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I was struggling with. She is very professional and knows how to use her skills to help people when we have too much on our plate that we can’t handle the load. I am glad I reached out to her. Thanks Courtney for such a peaceful and healing session”.

“I am 74 years old and have had continuing neck and shoulder pain. In looking for some relief I heard about Kinesiology.

– Sandra

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After a visit with Courtney at “Keep your Balance “ she made me realise how stress can impact your body. Throughout the session Courtney explained about why and how different areas are effected and we explored some of the moments in life that have caused tension build-up. By the end of the session I felt a feeling of calmness and my neck and shoulders have never felt so good. Thank you Courtney for your professional insight into how the body works. I definitely recommend a visit to Courtney if anyone has any lingering unexplained aches or pains”.
“After just one session with you, my shoulder pain which i have struggled with for 7 years is completely gone!

– Patrick

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I can’t remember the last time my shoulder felt this great! Thankyou so much for everything”.

“I hadn’t heard much about kinesiology aside from tape that you strap your body with before a rugby game.

– Gareth

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Went to Courtney to sort my neck after struggling with significant pain after sleeping skew – we met a couple of weeks earlier at friend’s birthday and she impressed me with her knowledge. Learnt lots in a one hour session, in particular the golgi tendon organ and stabilising muscles. I really liked the calm atmosphere and felt comfortable speaking with Court. She pinpointed the pain and helped me understand where it was coming from. If you are reading this and are suffering with pain like me or are just interested in finding out more, I would recommend you go and have chat with Courtney there”.
“Hey Courtney. I just wanted to say thank you so much. I was literally mind blown in our first session…

– Bay

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and after it was the first time in so long that I felt like I’d released the feelings that have been holding me back from past hurt. Then…. the second session

Woahhhhh. Literally a game changer! I’ve done so many different ‘personal improvement/health & wellbeing’ things in my life but this has easily been a stand out with the impact I’ve gotten from your sessions! I’m addicted. You’re an absolute star and I’ve been telling everyone about you because I feel like everyone needs to see you!!! Haha. They really do. Thank you again a million!!”

“I had such a great experience with Courtney! I don’t know much about kinesiology but I was feeling stressed…

– Emily

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and out of balance so I thought I’d give it a try. I was amazed at how well Courtney could read my emotions through my body. I had a few personal issues I wanted to deal with that I mentioned briefly but I couldn’t believe how intuitively she was able to decipher them. I definitely had a few ‘omg how did she know that’ moments. We worked together to create a goal, she was very supportive and encouraging and I left feeling so much more calm, balanced and ready to face the issues head on with confidence. I highly recommend Courtney and I will definitely continue to use her services. Thank you Courtney!”

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