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“We took our 13 years daughter for 3 sessions with Courtney to see if we could work through anxiety, panic attacks and bullying at school. In simple words my daughter has labelled Courtney a “magician”. We have had no panic attacks since and have moved past the previous bullying to create new friends and arrange more social engagements. I cannot express how grateful I am for Courtney’s assistance and discovering what she can do to help children. I would recommend anyone with a child showing systems or having difficulty moving past trauma to book a session to help move forward. 

– Mel

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My 11 year old son held a few sessions with Courtney that related to head aches accompanied by a sore stomach and anxiety over sleeping. Courtney’s skills as a kinesiologist coupled with her warm nature enabled my son to confront his anxiety for sleep and also significantly reduced his head and stomach problems. Now, if he has an episode we fall back to Courtney’s teachings. I highly recommend Courtney and thoroughly respect her skills.

– Justine O

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“What an awesome experience for my daughter. Courtney helped with my daughter’s anxiety issues with her peers, with a gentle approach building her confidence in herself and her sporting abilities. 

– Tina

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Highly recommended

“What can I say. I have had lower back problems for many years.
After visiting Courtney I was speechless. What she achieved for me has not been accomplished by any other means that I have tried.
Don’t put it off any longer.

– Charlie

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Just book an appointment and you will see for yourself.

“I’m feeling great after my Kinesiology session with Courtney. She now offers a kinesiology technique that was new to me, the Neural Organisation Technique (N.O.T). I realised after the N.O.T. sessions that I’ve been able to take action in stressful situations without even thinking about it.

– Bridie

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Before this I would have needed to psych myself into it, or more likely ended up procrastinating.
Courtney is warm, accepting and is skilful in getting to the root of an issue. I recommend her highly!

“Courtney brings an empathetic warmth to our sessions supporting me to work through to seek resolution to ‘issues’.
I won’t pretend to understand how it works, but I know from working with her that it most certainly is effective – just approach it with an open mind and a willingness to engage with the process.

– David

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Courtney actively listens to what I say prior to the sessions starting, sets meaningful goals and then works through the process seeking answers, sometimes easily come by and sometimes requiring interaction based on my complete self honesty.

Working with, and being supported by, Courtney has brought a profound and sincere clarity, peace and serenity for which I will be eternally grateful to her! I really can’t recommend her highly enough!!

I have been seeing Courtney for some time now and have really noticed some positive changes as a result of her sessions. Courtney is incredibly kind and warm and a true professional. Highly recommend!.

– Emily R

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Courtney is fantastic. She’s intuitive, patient and flexible. Nothing is too much trouble. Knowledgeable and always wanting to add to her already developed skills. Would highly recommend

– Justine P

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Excellent session! This was my first time doing kinesiology and the experience was great. I feel balanced, grounded and very happy with the results. I highly recommend Courtney if you’re looking for a well experienced, kind and professional kinesiologist in Brisbane.

– Erick

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I had only heard of kinesiology previously and decided to give it a try, as I was dealing with some significant life events at the time. I am super glad I did as the experience and the insight provided has been quite incredible. Courtney could not more lovely. She has a really nice vibe and is very calming , kind and non judgemental, making it easy to be open.

– Jarrod

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Along with the insight and energy ‘magic’, she provides a really enjoyable and therapeutic experience . I always feel so much better after leaving the session, than I did before I arrived. Highly recommended.

I felt a shift in my energy, confidence and overall mental health after just one session with Courtney. She made me feel so comfortable and relaxed and was able to find the root of the issue that I didn’t even know myself.

– Sharni

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After my session she sent me an in depth email with everything we talked about and all the tools and tips I needed to continue working on my anxiety in different situations (this was extremely helpful to me!) After 3 sessions with Courtney I am so happy with the progress that we’ve made, I feel like a better version of myself. I would highly recommend Courtney to all my friends and family.

Absolutely loved my sessions with Courtney. She made me feel so comfortable and relaxed the whole time. I feel clearer and my energy has improved heaps since seeing Courtney. Will definitely be recommending Courtney to my friends and family!

– Grace

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One of the best experiences I’ve ever had! I honestly thought I’d come out feeling stressed and uneasy but I felt the complete opposite. Courtney made me feel motivated to change my ways and I had no doubts about how I could make this happen. 

– Mia

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It was a perfect start to reframe my mind for 2022 and I am so grateful to have found someone that is willing to WANT to help find any solution for myself and to better my mental health.

Courtney put me at ease straight away. She is very easy to be around. I didn’t realize what I wanted to focus on until Courtney started asking me questions. She asked me questions which brought the focus straight to a concern that plays on my mind regularly. Initially I didn’t have the solution to my issue however Courtney was able to cut through all my confusion and help me provide the answer I was looking for.

– Sarah G

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Courtney is literally a life saver. I was pretty skeptical as to what Kinesiology was but have severe migraines and back pain so was willing to give anything a try. Upon meeting Courtney I was instantly calmed and felt right at ease, she has the most welcoming nature to which I felt completely comfortable opening up when discussing my concerns. Through Courtney’s work I was able to have most if not all of my pain removed even during the session.

– Sarah S

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I didn’t realise how much h tension I was carrying due to stress which Courtney was able to alleviate through her amazing skills. I went from having at least 1-2 migraines a week prior to seeing Courtney to 1 in the last few months.

She never pushes additional sessions which can be a pet hate of mine with the physios, chiros, massage therapists etc over the years.
For all the sceptics out there, honestly Courtney is a miracle worker and worth every cent.

Courtney’s kind nature and abilities with kinesiology made every session a fascinating and uplifting experience. She has helped me connect within and understand my body and energy better and work through and relieve my anxieties in a gentle and compassionate way. Thank you so much, Courtney!

– Marian

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Courtney is such a beautiful soul and I’m so thankful that I had the opportunity to see her at her studio. I have been struggling with severe IBS symptoms for over a year now which has effected my comfort, diet, physical appearance and general well being on a daily basis. I have seen dietitians and GPS, have had countless blood tests and medical procedures which have had zero effect as well as seen a psychologist with out even a hint of reduction in symptoms.

– Holly

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After spending an hour with Courtney I feel as if a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Courtney has made a huge impact in my life already just after one session and while my healing journey is not yet complete I finally feel like I can see a light at the end of the tunnel.

Courtney is a kind and caring individual who I immediately felt connected and safe with. She is clearly talented and comfortable in her practice and I would genuinely recommend her to anyone.
Thank you Courtney, I look forward to more sessions with you in the future.

Courtney has a very special gift in this healing modality. I have been amazed at the shifts in my health that Courtney facilitated in very short period of time. After two sessions I had cleared my anxiety attacks and am now working with Courtney on other areas of my life to maximise my health and clear old thought patterns/family pressures that have been holding me back in my life.

– Sally

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“Courtney made my first experience with kinesiology an amazing one! She is so warm and inviting, with a high level of professionalism that made me feel like I was in great hands. Every session is different and I feel like I walk away more balanced and equipped with strategies I can put in place to work on my goals. 

– Courtney E

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I now think about my body in such a different way thanks to Courtney, and kinesiology has opened up my eyes to how my body and my brain interact. During my sessions with Courtney, she has helped me improve my overall health and decrease my stress levels by working through my life stressors and focusing on specific goals to better myself. I could not recommend Courtney enough!

“I had the most wonderful session with Courtney. She is such a pleasure to receive treatment from. She is both highly skilled and genuinely very caring. In the treatment Courtney helped me overcome some fears and honestly I felt like a different person afterwards. I highly recommend Courtney and her fantastic kinesiology work!

– Jennifer

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I had my first session with Courtney a little over a week ago. Courtney was very lovely, and always kept me informed as to what my body was saying and what each thing she did meant. It was a very raw and intriguing experience, that is very hard to explain. But I came out of the session feeling like a completely different person. I definitely feel more in tune with my body and grounded. I will definitely be going back to see Courtney!

– Tara

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I didn’t really know what to expect when booking my first kinesiologist appointment but felt compelled to book in with Courtney.
I suffered with neck and shoulder pain for years and during a painful remedial massage I had an epiphany- this is emotional, not physical.

Courtney was professional, kind and made me feel super comfortable. She explained everything and helped me uncover some pain (emotional and physical) I had been holding onto for a long time. I was able to let it go and feel far more mentally clear and in far less physical pain.
Thanks you Courtney, I will be back.

– Casey

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I highly recommend visiting Courtney, she has such a beautiful and caring aura, she will make you feel instantly better! She was able to speak to my body and helped me understand what was actually going on. Thank you Courtney!

– Amanda

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“She is amazing! I just can say that if you do it, you will be grateful and you’ll never regret it. We have to learn to be kind and love ourselves. And sometimes we need an extra hand to listen to our body. Thank you Courtney

– Nathaly

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“Courtney is fantastic! It is amazing all you can learn about yourself by simply listening to your subconscious mind talking through your body. If you want to change or improve something about yourself, do not hesitate in seeing Courtney at Keep your Balance, highly recommended!!!

– Carlos

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I love kinesiology and Courtney is one of my favourite kinesiologists. She is thorough, knowledgeable, a truly kind and beautiful soul and I enjoyed all my sessions with her. She helped me to uncover and release several blocks that were holding me back and she helped me to bring back more joy into my life. The times I had any pain or niggles she usually cleared them up within the same session. I truly recommend Courtney as a kinesiologist.

– Suzy

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“Courtney is extremely professional and was very accommodating for my needs during the session.

– Jaimee

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I decided to have a session with Court due to me holding onto some deep seeded anger issues with my ex husband. I was having trouble letting go of the past and this was impacting my new relationship.

After the session I felt as though a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders. My anger had subsided and I was able to move feelings of anger to forgiveness. This also helped me see the amazing person I had in front of me and know I deserved the love from him.

I couldn’t recommend Courtney enough especially if you are going through something and need help unblocking issues. I am certainly looking forward to having another session with Courtney soon”.

“Knowing very little about Kinesiology I decided to take a leap of faith!

– Kelly

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Courtney’s calmness and professionalism combined with her gentle and caring approach helped me get back on track to feeling so much better. She opened my eyes up to how my daily stresses was impacting my own physical health and its gradual decline.

Through the sessions Courtney really listened and I felt supported. She explained everything so well about why my body and why it was reacting a certain way, it really helped me understand my body to a level I never thought I would. I truly am so grateful to have met Courtney and I would highly recommend her to anyone struggling to find answers”.

“What an amazing experience. I had the pleasure of having a session with Courtney last weekend.

– Wendy

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Knew nothing about Kinesiology, went in with an open mind. I felt energized and motivated to say the least at the end of our session.
Our body’s and mind’s are very powerful when realigned.

Thank you Courtney for your time and patience, what a beautiful soul you are. I would definitely recommend this experience to everyone”.

“Courtney is very professional and incredibly talented. My first session alleviated stress and anxiety imbalance…

– Emma

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within my body and I left feeling completely empowered and healed. Definitely recommend!”

“Hi Courtney, I am very grateful for your services. Together with your help, I am feeling like a better version of me.

– Dieter

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Thanks heaps Courtney”
“I absolutely love kinesiology. Courtney is very kind, caring and professional in her practice…

– Tracey

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and provides the open space for her clients. Courtney is passionate about kinesiology and helping others reach their full potential. I definitely have received positive shifts already since receiving sessions with Courtney. I highly recommend her, and the power of kinesiology is truly remarkable!”.
“After two sessions, I felt a shift in energy. I became focused and positive after loosing my son…

– Narelle

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and suffering complicated grief for over two years. I highly recommend Courtney and will be following on with regular sessions”.
“I highly recommend Courtney. One session was enough to balance my body and get rid off the panic and anxiety…

– Yulianna

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I was struggling with. She is very professional and knows how to use her skills to help people when we have too much on our plate that we can’t handle the load. I am glad I reached out to her. Thanks Courtney for such a peaceful and healing session”.

“I am 74 years old and have had continuing neck and shoulder pain. In looking for some relief I heard about Kinesiology.

– Sandra

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After a visit with Courtney at “Keep your Balance “ she made me realise how stress can impact your body. Throughout the session Courtney explained about why and how different areas are effected and we explored some of the moments in life that have caused tension build-up. By the end of the session I felt a feeling of calmness and my neck and shoulders have never felt so good. Thank you Courtney for your professional insight into how the body works. I definitely recommend a visit to Courtney if anyone has any lingering unexplained aches or pains”.
“After just one session with you, my shoulder pain which i have struggled with for 7 years is completely gone!

– Patrick

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I can’t remember the last time my shoulder felt this great! Thankyou so much for everything”.

“I hadn’t heard much about kinesiology aside from tape that you strap your body with before a rugby game.

– Gareth

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Went to Courtney to sort my neck after struggling with significant pain after sleeping skew – we met a couple of weeks earlier at friend’s birthday and she impressed me with her knowledge. Learnt lots in a one hour session, in particular the golgi tendon organ and stabilising muscles. I really liked the calm atmosphere and felt comfortable speaking with Court. She pinpointed the pain and helped me understand where it was coming from. If you are reading this and are suffering with pain like me or are just interested in finding out more, I would recommend you go and have chat with Courtney there”.
“Hey Courtney. I just wanted to say thank you so much. I was literally mind blown in our first session…

– Bay

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and after it was the first time in so long that I felt like I’d released the feelings that have been holding me back from past hurt. Then…. the second session

Woahhhhh. Literally a game changer! I’ve done so many different ‘personal improvement/health & wellbeing’ things in my life but this has easily been a stand out with the impact I’ve gotten from your sessions! I’m addicted. You’re an absolute star and I’ve been telling everyone about you because I feel like everyone needs to see you!!! Haha. They really do. Thank you again a million!!”

“I had such a great experience with Courtney! I don’t know much about kinesiology but I was feeling stressed…

– Emily S

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and out of balance so I thought I’d give it a try. I was amazed at how well Courtney could read my emotions through my body. I had a few personal issues I wanted to deal with that I mentioned briefly but I couldn’t believe how intuitively she was able to decipher them. I definitely had a few ‘omg how did she know that’ moments. We worked together to create a goal, she was very supportive and encouraging and I left feeling so much more calm, balanced and ready to face the issues head on with confidence. I highly recommend Courtney and I will definitely continue to use her services. Thank you Courtney!”

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