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The answer is simple, believe it or not – YOU have the answer.

Whether it is physical pain or body discomfort, fatigue, emotional stress, negative emotions, limiting beliefs or fear that is affecting your quality of life – you don’t have to “put up with it” and you can find out exactly what you need to live a healthy, well and prosperous life.


With Kinesiology…

Discover Kinesiology

Kinesiology (pronounced KIN-EASY-OLOGY) is a completely natural, holistic, and evidence-based therapy that uses the science of ENERGY BALANCING to promote good health and wellbeing. The literal meaning of “Kinesiology” is the “study of movement” – if you look at what this means in a broader sense, you could say Kinesiology assesses how you move through life.

Kinesiology For Teenagers

Kinesiology creates a type of awareness that not only allows your teen to understand their symptoms but allows them to gain a deeper understanding of who they are as a person. With the intent to remove and manage the stress and anxiety, the goal is to balance their body around how they WANT to feel, think and act.

Hi, I’m Courtney

I am an Advanced Kinesiology Practitioner and registered with the Australian Institute of Kinesiologists (AIK). I am also qualified as a Level 1 Coach, NLP Practitioner, Practitioner of Emotional Intelligence and Time-Based Therapy with The Institute of Applied Psychology (IAP).      

In my previous years, I competed at multiple World Championship’s for Jump Rope Skipping, travelled to 23 countries, assisted with workshops and spent a lot of time working in schools and in customer service learning about people.

With my passion for Kinesiology and holistic therapy, I hope I can encourage you to take a chance on yourself and see how Kinesiology can make a positive difference in your life today.

“When I am in a session and balancing my clients, it is such a special and humbling experience to help someone on that deeper level. Not only do I get to see my clients feel empowered during the balance, but also how they thrive throughout their healing journey”.

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My Specialties

Direction, Purpose & Self-Confidence

Calm, Comfort & Balance

Energy & Vitality



“The essence of health is inner balance“.

When you are IN BALANCE – you are at EASE.

When you are stressed, ill or in pain – you are in an altered state of balance causing DIS-EASE.

​So, how do you create a sense of balance?

​By understanding how and why you are out of balance to begin with.

​When you can identify the cause for your physical, emotional, chemical or spiritual imbalance (stress) – you can then use that knowledge to set yourself up to build a path forward.

​The thing is… a lot of us get stuck by not understanding where our imbalances stem from – hence the reason we stay in negative or certain mindsets, deal with the same old health concerns or even struggle to make change happen.

The not knowing and the lack of understanding prevents us from taking the right action in order to feel better and live well.

Example of this:


You may think your anxiety is emotional when really your anxiety may be caused from your coffee intake (caffeine causing a chemical reaction/imbalance).


You may think your tiredness is physical, but it may be that you are living out of alignment (spiritual imbalance).


You may feel sick in the stomach believing it was something you ate when really you are holding nervous tension in your stomach for an upcoming meeting at work (emotional imbalance).

Kinesiology can give you peace of mind, your body a break, and the opportunity for you to be in control and create your own path forward.

What Others Say

“Courtney is extremely professional and was very accommodating for my needs during the session. I decided to have a session with Court due to me holding onto some deep seeded anger issues with my ex husband. I was having trouble letting go of the past and this was impacting my new relationship.”

– Jaimee

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After the session I felt as though a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders. My anger had subsided and I was able to move feelings of anger to forgiveness. This also helped me see the amazing person I had in front of me and know I deserved the love from him.

I couldn’t recommend Courtney enough especially if you are going through something and need help unblocking issues. I am certainly looking forward to having another session with Courtney soon”.

“Knowing very little about Kinesiology I decided to take a leap of faith! Courtney’s calmness and professionalism combined with her gentle and caring approach helped me get back on track to feeling so much better. She opened my eyes up to how my daily stresses was impacting my own physical health and its gradual decline.”

– Kelly

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Through the sessions Courtney really listened and I felt supported. She explained everything so well about why my body and why it was reacting a certain way, it really helped me understand my body to a level I never thought I would. I truly am so grateful to have met Courtney and I would highly recommend her to anyone struggling to find answers”.

“What an amazing experience.
I had the pleasure of having a session with Courtney last weekend.
Knew nothing about Kinesiology, went in with an open mind. I felt energized and motivated to say the least at the end of our session.
Our body’s and mind’s are very powerful when realigned.”

– Wendy

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Thank you Courtney for your time and patience, what a beautiful soul you are. I would definitely recommend this experience to everyone”.

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“Pain is a way our bodies try to communicate—sometimes screaming at us to pay attention—and only when we learn to listen are we able to treat what ails us to achieve optimum healing and lifelong health”

— Dr. Rachel Carlton Abrams


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