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Kinesiology gives us the power to take control of our health so that we can start living a life full of vitality and prosperity. We were all born with a powerful innate intelligence, or some would say ‘inborn wisdom’. Through this, we have the ability to adapt to our modern world, create our own narrative and heal. It’s time we tap into this wisdom to see what we are truly capable of.

Stress is the number one cause for illness and dis-ease in the Western world right now. A lot of us are just trying to survive, not realising that by supressing our emotions and ignoring our bodies cry for help, we are getting sicker and sicker, both emotionally and physically. It’s not only us adults who are suffering. Our Children and our Teenagers are also being impacted. I know there is more that we can do.

Kinesiology is considered to be one of the most holistic therapies in alternative medicine today, used to prevent ill-ness and dis-ease and promote optimal wellness. Since starting Keep your Balance in 2020, I have been honoured to work with many Families who have seen life-changing results. Every single one of us are capable and resourceful beings, which is what my beautiful clients came to realise. Courtney hopes to provide you with the same level of support and realisation too.

Kinesiology for You

Kinesiology is a completely natural, holistic, and evidence-based therapy that uses the science of ENERGY BALANCING to promote good health and wellbeing. The literal meaning of “Kinesiology” is the “study of movement” – if you look at what this means in a broader sense, you could say Kinesiology assesses how you move through life.

Kinesiology for Teens

Kinesiology creates a type of awareness that not only allows your teen to understand their symptoms but allows them to gain a deeper understanding of who they are as a person. With the intent to remove and manage the stress and anxiety, the goal is to balance their body around how they WANT to feel, think and act. No diagnosing, just simple and effective strategies to improve their quality of life.

Discover Neural Organisational Therapy (N.O.T)

(a style of Kinesiology)

N.O.T provides specific protocols to reprogram and reset the neurology within our automatic nervous system, responsible for controlling the body’s primal survival systems – Fight/Flight, Digestion, Immune, and Reproduction. When our neurology gets disorganised, the messages (neural networks containing vital sensory information) going to and from the brain are confused, causing mixed and inappropriate responses. This is where imbalances (symptoms) and dis-ease start to occur.

Hi, I’m Courtney

I am an Advanced Kinesiologist, Neuro Organisation Technique Practitioner and registered with the Australian Institute of Kinesiologists (AIK). I am also qualified as a Level 1 Coach, NLP Practitioner, Practitioner of Emotional Intelligence and Time-Based Therapy with The Institute of Applied Psychology (IAP).

I have a special interest in anxiety, psychological stress, Family and Teen Health. My life’s mission is to change the way we perceive mental illness and offer a holistic and natural approach to support you and our most vulnerable generation before reaching ’emergency mode’.

With my mission and avid passion for my work, I hope I can encourage you to take a chance and see how we can make a positive difference in your life today.

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Are you looking for:

Direction, Purpose & Self-Confidence

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Are you lacking confidence to go after what you want? Is there a fear of failure, feelings of not being good enough, feelings of not being worthy or do you just feel stuck?

This is the perfect opportunity to ask yourself by checking in with your own body to find out what it is that may be holding you back from living the life you truly desire.

Perhaps you already know what it is but your own mind, inner belief system, insecurities or fears are getting in the way….don’t worry – I will guide, support and ground you to trust the process by letting your body do all the work so you walk away after each session feeling motivated, determined and empowered moving forward.

Calm, Comfort & Balance

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The mind and body connection is a complex and unique one.

Pain is the body’s way of telling you something is wrong however it can be difficult knowing where the pain comes from. If you have “tried everything”, are sick of dealing with the same old aches and pains, poor digestion or that headache which you haven’t shaken for days, look no further because in our time together – we can find exactly what your body is trying to say and how to encourage it to perform the way it is supposed to.

It may be the anxiety that is also ruling your life, the sleepless nights or the constant living in survival mode that is stopping you from feeling good.

I can help you identify your triggers, calm down your central nervous system, relieve any discomfort and give you a sense of safety so you can find the solutions you need to move forward with ease.

Energy & Vitality

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Are you wanting more out of life but are struggling to find the energy or even the motivation? Do you have difficulty staying focused or struggle to keep up? Perhaps you have lost your zest for life and don’t really know where to turn to next?

Energy is an interesting one. We are completely made up of energy, so we have the ability to shift our own or create it. Our time together will involve looking at your physical, emotional and spiritual body to determine what is causing an energetic disturbance down to a cellular level.

It may be what you are eating or drinking isn’t reacting well with your body, a particular friend leaves you feeling drained or the job you hate might not be worth working the overtime.

Our framework may include creating changes in your environment, honouring yourself, setting boundaries whilst finding out what feels good and right for you. Along with your willingness and responsibility to do what is needed – you can be sure your energy, joy and zest for life comes back!



“The essence of health is inner balance“.

When you are IN BALANCE – you are at EASE.

When you are stressed, ill or in pain – you are in an altered state of balance causing DIS-EASE.

​So, how do you create a sense of balance?

​By understanding how and why you are out of balance to begin with.

​When you can identify the cause for your physical, emotional, chemical or spiritual imbalance (stress) – you can then use that knowledge to set yourself up to build a path forward.

​The thing is… a lot of us get stuck by not understanding where our imbalances stem from – hence the reason we stay in negative or certain mindsets, deal with the same old health concerns or even struggle to make change happen.

The not knowing and the lack of understanding prevents us from taking the right action in order to feel better and live well.

Example of this:


You may think your anxiety is emotional when really your anxiety may be caused from your coffee intake (caffeine causing a chemical reaction/imbalance).


You may think your tiredness is physical, but it may be that you are living out of alignment (spiritual imbalance).


You may feel sick in the stomach believing it was something you ate when really you are holding nervous tension in your stomach for an upcoming meeting at work (emotional imbalance).

Kinesiology can give you peace of mind, your body a break, and the opportunity for you to be in control and create your own path forward.

What Others Say

“Courtney is extremely professional and was very accommodating for my needs during the session. I decided to have a session with Court due to me holding onto some deep seeded anger issues with my ex husband. I was having trouble letting go of the past and this was impacting my new relationship.”

– Jaimee

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After the session I felt as though a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders. My anger had subsided and I was able to move feelings of anger to forgiveness. This also helped me see the amazing person I had in front of me and know I deserved the love from him.

I couldn’t recommend Courtney enough especially if you are going through something and need help unblocking issues. I am certainly looking forward to having another session with Courtney soon”.

“Knowing very little about Kinesiology I decided to take a leap of faith! Courtney’s calmness and professionalism combined with her gentle and caring approach helped me get back on track to feeling so much better. She opened my eyes up to how my daily stresses was impacting my own physical health and its gradual decline.”

– Kelly

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Through the sessions Courtney really listened and I felt supported. She explained everything so well about why my body and why it was reacting a certain way, it really helped me understand my body to a level I never thought I would. I truly am so grateful to have met Courtney and I would highly recommend her to anyone struggling to find answers”.

“What an amazing experience.
I had the pleasure of having a session with Courtney last weekend.
Knew nothing about Kinesiology, went in with an open mind. I felt energized and motivated to say the least at the end of our session.
Our body’s and mind’s are very powerful when realigned.”

– Wendy

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Thank you Courtney for your time and patience, what a beautiful soul you are. I would definitely recommend this experience to everyone”.

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“Pain is a way our bodies try to communicate—sometimes screaming at us to pay attention—and only when we learn to listen are we able to treat what ails us to achieve optimum healing and lifelong health”

— Dr. Rachel Carlton Abrams


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