What is Kinesiology?

Kinesiology, pronounced KIN-EASY-OLOGY is a completely natural, holistic, and evidence-based therapy that uses the science of ENERGY BALANCING to promote good health and wellbeing.

The literal meaning of “Kinesiology” is the “study of movement” – if you look at what this means in a broader sense, you could say Kinesiology assesses how you move through life.

Combining centuries-old techniques used in Traditional Eastern Medicine along with today’s Western Anatomy and Physiology, this well-evolved therapy allows you to get to the core of what’s holding you back whilst shifting and removing stagnant energy, encouraging your body’s natural ability to heal and restore homeostasis (that is, to keep one’s BALANCE).

How Does Kinesiology Work?

Through the art of MUSCLE TESTING….

Muscle testing is an incredible tool that allows the practitioner to bypass the conscious and rational mind to identify the underlying root cause of your physical, chemical or emotional stress.

A specific muscle acts as a leeway or energetic pathway between your subconscious (bio-feedback system) and the practitioner, offering the awareness and the opportunity to apply the right healing methods enabling you to heal.

The Science

In order to find imbalances or stress, we need to access the body’s bio-feedback system, also known as Proprioception.

Proprioception is a continuous loop of feedback between sensory receptors throughout the body and the central nervous system. Proprioceptors are located on your skin, joints, and muscles.

When we move, our brain senses the effort, force, and heaviness of our actions and responds accordingly. During a muscle test, the proprioceptors located in the “Muscles Spindles” are activated by touch or sense.

The central nervous system carries the signal to the brain, and in turn, a muscle response is initiated at the point of activation.

Kinesiology is the science of interpreting this muscle response as an indicator of Psychological, Physiological and Bio-chemical stress.

Kinesiology Relieves:

The feeling of not being good enough.
Emotional stress.
Lack of direction/purpose.
Sleep issues.
Low Self-confidence & self-worth.
Physical pain and discomfort.
Difficulties letting go of the past.
Grief and Loss.

The feeling of being stuck, blocked or overwhelmed.

Anxiety and depression.
Issues with anger, resentment and guilt.
Fears and phobias.

Communication challenges in relationships.

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What to expect during a kinesiology session?

Typically, on your first visit, a detailed history is taken to learn more about you, your goals and expectations for the session. This discussion is then followed by the practical “balancing” phase which involves the use of various techniques catered to your specific needs.

At the end of the session, there will be an opportunity to discuss the awareness and changes that occurred throughout the balance and a plan to continue to enhance your recovery.

Will it cure me?
Kinesiology does not ‘cure’ or diagnose the condition, it encourages the body’s natural ability to heal and restore balance.

For a successful recovery, it is important you are willing to also take responsibility for your own health and healing. This may mean seeking other health modalities to specifically support you and what your body needs.

Can Kinesiology still help if I am not stressed or in pain?

Kinesiology promotes vitality, energy, positivity and great health. It is a great preventative as it helps pick up imbalances (stress) before they can become present through symptoms.

Kinesiology also encourages you to focus on your mindset and growth. If you feel you have mental blocks, lack motivation or feel there is something stopping you from living your best life, Kinesiology can help clear the way by reprogramming your system allowing you to achieve what YOU want!.

Is it safe enough?
Kinesiology is a completely NATURAL therapy, the sole purpose is to balance ENERGY.

Using the body’s Innate Healing Intelligence, the body is empowered to heal itself without the use of pharmaceutical drugs or treatments.

If you have a serious illness or condition, I strongly recommend you see your doctor or other health practitioner whilst undergoing a Kinesiology balance to get the most out of your recovery. Please keep in mind, it is NOT a substitute for your doctor.

When will I start to see changes?
Everybody is different! Every issue is different! You can expect to see changes in your first session, or you may see changes after a few depending on how “deep” the issue is.

A client, for example, may see instant results after 1 session for neck pain, another client may take 3 sessions to feel better about their emotional/toxic relationship. Some imbalances need more time and that is okay.

Your body knows exactly what to do and how long it needs to take. All I can say is trust the process and trust your body.

How many sessions do we recommend?
Just like every other health modality, the body needs TIME to integrate and heal. Kinesiology is not a quick fix or a magic practice but offers a safe platform for you and your loved ones to make positive changes so you can thrive throughout your health journey. For a particular issue, 2-3 sessions over a 6-8 week time frame is recommended as it allows us to set up an action plan, do the required amount of balancing, check in and make sure you are keeping up with home reinforcement. It also gives us the opportunity to fine tune or expand your goals if needed. If you would like the extra and on-going support, you may also like to continue to see a Kinesiologist every month for a 6-month period.


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