Make CHANGE happen – find out why you are getting in your own way.

Ever wonder why we keep doing things that harm us? Such as eat processed food, hang out with toxic people, go back to the job we hate and stay in relationships that don’t serve us?

“Your mind and body don’t care whether you are happy or not, it only cares if you are safe”.

Most of us wake up and do the same thing every day because it is what we know. Without being consciously aware, we jump back into the same thought patterns, habits and everyday routine because it feels comfortableand easy. So, WHY does it feel comfortable and easy? The body ONLY likes to do what is familiar because familiarity means SAFE. Whatever you did yesterday or did in the past, your body only wants to do the same today because that thing you keep doing is “keeping you alive”. Though you are alive right now, your body has no concept of time – It does not realise what is keeping you alive now is harming you in the long run.

That is why small change can be uncomfortable and big change is stressful. Your mind and body become threatened by the change – hence the withdrawals.

How Can Kinesiology Help?

In a session, we are able to create awareness by finding out from your subconscious body what emotional, physical or environmental change is going to enable you to MOVE FORWARD. With this, we are able to identify any elements of self-sabotage, potential barriers or triggers that may prevent you from moving forward and taking responsibility towards your health and healing.

If you are struggling to make change in your life – book a free ZOOM chat to find out how Kinesiology can help OR see the following steps to learn how you can do this using your conscious awareness, intention and self-discipline.

1. Make the Decision

Decide firstly you WANT to change. When making this decision, you need to know your why. Why do you want to change? Is it to feel better? is it to live more comfortably? Is it to keep up with your kids when they are older

2. Find a place to Start

Take some time to think about where you would like to start and create a meaningful goal for yourself. If you need to get fitter, you may set a goal to run 4 days a week. If you need better sleep, you may look at your night-time routine, if it’s to find balance and stability, it may be to look for a new job.

3. Take the very first Step

Ask yourself – “What is the very first SMALL step that is going to allow me to move forward?” The smaller the better. If it’s too big, your mind will talk you out if it.

A few examples….

– If you’re choosing to up your exercise, the first step could be buying a pair of running shoes one day, the next day having your gym outfit prepared and on the 3rd day getting out of the house for a 2km walk…before you know it – you’re running 5 km.

– If it’s to find a new job, the first small step may be to get pen and paper and start writing down your ideal workplace. What it looks like, feels like and what you can see yourself doing well or enjoying. The next step may be updating your resume and then setting up a linked-in account…before you know it – you are a submitting 3 job applications a week.

Keep in mind – each step may take you weeks/months, however you are still one step closer to change than you were before.

4. Praise yourself

After every small step, give yourself some credit for the progress you are making. It doesn’t necessarily matter how you feel just yet, the fact you are one step closer to your goal is worth celebrating.

5. Reaffirm your WHY

As you continue to move towards your goal, you may have moments of doubt, worry or fear. It’s important that once you have initiated the momentum to remain CONSCIOUSLY FOCUSED. This is still going to take self-discipline and persistence. To keep going…reaffirm your why! See the benefits out of the change. Imagine yourself 1 week, 6 weeks, 6 months down the track. See yourself and feel what you will be like down the track if you DO and DON’T keep up this change.

Change is hard and uncomfortable but worth it if you want to get the most out of life. If you are struggling to make the decision to change, take the first step towards healthier change or even make change PERMANENT – make the choice to book a Kinesiology session and find out why you are standing in your own way.