The body’s “Innate Healing Intelligence”

“Your Innate Healing Intelligence knows better than any educated brain what you need to be healthy”.

What is your Innate Healing Intelligence?

Our bodies have an amazing ability to adapt, change and heal all on it’s own. This is called innate intelligence.

The meaning of “Innate Intelligence” is “inborn wisdom”. It started when the egg met the sperm to become you. Originally you had no brain and thoughts and yet you were created to become a functioning, thinking baby. This is one of the most amazing and mystifying processes in the entirety of the human experience and your innate intelligence did not stop there. The same intelligence that formed you is also able to heal you. Your body is constantly re-developing as old cells die off and new ones are formed. Here’s an interesting fact; you are a completely new person with all new cells approx every 10 years.

This healing intelligence acts as your defense when you come into contact with invaders, it beats your heart at the right time and heals your wounds. It is your single best protector and defender and knows exactly what to do in every situation. We tend to underestimate or forget just how powerful our innate intelligence is. No matter what, it is always on the job, you don’t even have to think about it.

Like anything else, healing can take time. We live in a world that demands instant gratification and this is not how healing works. There is a time and pace for medical care, especially in emergency, however, most of the time your innate healing intelligence can handle it.

How is Kinesiology relevant?

Kinesiology uses the body’s innate healing intelligence in order to assist the persons recovery. It aligns with the body’s natural healing process by removing the energy blocks which are causing a disturbance to the body’s intelligence.

A disturbance may be the result of the body’s inability to recognise or deal with external stress. It is our responsibility to then support the body’s healing intelligence by stepping in, recognising the symptoms, taking action and giving the body every chance to continue to do what it knows best. In doing this, you are keeping in control of your health leaving you to feel empowered and unstoppable!


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